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Fear of abortion. Staniophobia

Fear of standing on glass. Stasihyelophobia

Fear of sneezing. Sternutaphobia

Fear of cutting nails. Stubaphobia

Fear of being buried alive. Subterraneapremortephobia

Fear of doing subtraction. Subtractionphobia

Fear of watching television. Televisiophobia

Fear of running out of time, branch of chronophobia (fear of time). Telochronophobia

Fear of tennis. Tennisphobia

Fear of summer. Therophobia

Fear of autumn. Thinoporophobia

Fear of pregnancy. Tokophobia

Fear of getting haircut. Tonsurephobia

Fear of physical injury. Traumaphobia

Fear of tsunamis (branch of cymophobia and seismophobia). Tsunamiphobia

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March 3rd 2021


Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia is the fear of being locked in an enclosed place. Treatment of Cleithrophobia or CleisiophobiaFor many individual who are suffering from being locked in an enclosed place - Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia. Don't always feel the need of treatment because they can just avoid the object of their fear.