Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent, Sophomania

Sophomania is the obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent.

Sophomania represents an excessive eagerness or want for Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent. The greater part of us experience the obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent more than others, however at first we won’t be able to notice this obsession or to tell if we suffer from it or not.

This type of mania is one of the different bipolar disorder mania’s categorised by “highs” and “lows” of your mood, emotional feelings and behavior. The “highs” are in contrast from the depressive “lows” and each of them depends on how intense your obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent is.

Sophomania sometimes, is set of a lot of energy, happiness, hallucinations, euphoria and overactivity. This mania is usually symptomatic of different types of psychological health conditions including bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and so forth. Moreover hyper manifestations can be credited to different other medical conditions.

Sophomania signs and symptoms

Sophomania might be noticed by your lack of sleep, the excessive energy after only 3 hours of sleep, feeling euphoric, energetic, excited and happy about Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent , easily distracted or annoyed, being impulsive, feeling intense anxiety, unusual behavior, speaking quickly, overthinking about something with excitement or having the feeling of invincibility.

Of course even if two persons have the same mania, their feelings and behaviour might be different from each other. Everyone’s mood and energy differs from time to time because of different situations that happen during the day in school, family, work, relationships.

During a Sophomania episode, you might find yourself making actions that you might regret later like spending a lot of money (spending spree), making rushed and bad decisions like quitting your job, say something that you didn’t mean to say, cancelling events or plants that you initially planned to go. In contrast of these actions you might also do something great because of the feeling of invincibility. There are a lot of real stories from artists, and businessmen’s which have said that they have created their most successful works, projects and started their businesses during their manic episode because of the excessive energy and the feeling of invincibility and adventurous spirit.

If you notice a drastic change in someone’s behaviour, that might have a lack of sleep, speak very quickly or do things that he typically won’t do, that person might be going through a manic episode.


Sophomania can also show signs of psychosis. Some of these signs might be:

  • Speak quickly and in an unorganized way which makes other people not understand you
  • Having the fear or being paranoid that you might lose the relationship with someone such as a close friend, family member, work partner etc
  • Having the feeling that you’re being judged by other people which can make you feel bad
  • Have the paranoia that you are being watched
  • Hallucinate about things that other people might not see


There are not one or obvious explanation that somebody might have Sophomania. Usually it might just be different long-term and short-term factors that affect our feelings and emotions which are also different from each one of us.

Those are some of the reasons that may have caused Sophomania:

  • Use of drugs
  • Use of alcohol
  • Loss or deprivation
  • Difficult life situations such as poverty, loneliness, family problems, homelessness
  • Medication side effects
  • High stress level
  • Sleep deprivation


Diagnosing Sophomania can be complicated. Since there is no research center or laboratory to test and analyze Sophomania, the first thing you need to do is to go to a doctor and run laboratory tests to prove that there are no medical illnesses you might have that can influence on your mind-set and feelings. After ruling out the option that it might just be a medical illness, you doctor may then direct you to do a physical test, get some information about your family history and afterward assess your signs and obsessions.

In case you don’t have a doctor or specialist who has practical experience in psychological health, you can address your primary physician first who might have the option to allude you to a specific specials. It is essential to tell your primary physician and give however much detail as you can about your obsession, how you think it all started, when did you figure it out that you might have Sophomania so that the physician can address you to the proper specials. Be sure to be as specific as you could.

In some cases when you might not be aware of some symptoms or how long you’ve been having them, you doctor will diagnose you with depression instead of Sophomania.

Sometimes, symptoms should last at least seven days for you specialist to analyze them as Sophomania. Nonetheless, if you symptoms are serious to such an extent that you’re hospitalized, a conclusion can be made regardless of whether the obsessions keep going for a shorter time.

Treatment of Sophomania

Your doctor will analyze the phase of your mania and might give you antidepressants or antipsychotics depending on how severe your obsessions to Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent. Your doctor or specials might change the dose of the medicine you take adding or subtracting the drug or even change the medicine depending on how severe you Sophomania is. If your mania is severe, you might stay in hospital till the signs and unusual behaviors are under control.

If needed, your doctor may suggest you to take lithium, one of the most used and studied medications for treating Sophomania. It might also relieve or prevent bipolar disorder or depression.

It is not for sure known how lithium works on a person’s body or mind but it is thought to help make the nerve cell connections in the brain stronger and it can balance the way you think, adjust your mood and get your behavior back to normal.

It might take some time for lithium to begin working but usually in several weeks it should do the work. During this road, you will often see your doctor because blood samples should be taken and analyzed since lithium can affect kidney or thyroid function.

Treatment through therapy

Therapy helps a lot if you are not a “let’s talk about it” person. If your doctor or specialist notice that you obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent is not very serious, you might be suggested to see a therapist and follow some sessions. Relax, understand that your feelings are completely normal and happens to a lot of people. Try to be as direct and detailed as possible and the most important part, follow your sessions.


In case that you have Sophomania, you might be offered one of these antipsychotics:

  • Olanzapine
  • Risperidone
  • Haloperidol
  • Quetiapine
  • Aripiprazole

Some other mood stabilizers are:

  • Divalproex sodium
  • Carbamazepine
  • Lithium
  • Valproate
  • Lamotrigine

If you’re taking a stimulant when Sophomania begins, your doctor or specialist may encourage you to quit the antidepressant.

Self-help for Sophomania

This following case is not a case that always happens but sometimes people are just paranoid that might have something they don’t have. It can be just that someone may like Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent and not be obsessed with it. This still might bring you anxiety, the feeling of loneliness, depression and so on. There are some ways to make these feelings go away. Of course if you doubt that your obsession might be serious you can always see a doctor and make certain that you are getting the right treatment.

One way to make these feelings go away and this might sound a bit cliche but trust me, it really works. Talk to someone. Anyone really, your friend, parent, teacher, anyone. Be sure to have no boundaries and open up. Give as much detail as possible of how your obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent all started. When do you think these feelings begin? What happened that made you feel this way? Sometimes we need to understand that certain actions or situations that might have happened in the beginning of this obsessions, are the real cause of the situation that you are in now. Sometimes, opening your mind to someone else is what you need.

Another way to free your mind from your thoughts and make the obsession of Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent go away is through meditation. Meditation is really a great way for this because with the right sessions that you can find basically everywhere on the internet and through apps for free, you can find the peace within yourself and accept these feelings in your life learning that only if you accept these feelings, you will move one and work on yourself more. Usually people overthink when a new bad feeling comes in their life even though there are no bad feelings. Everything that you go through makes you stronger.

Start meditating just 5 min per day and after 1 week start increasing that number. Sit in a comfortable position or lay down. Concentrate on you breath and try to make everythough go away. It is normal that your mind might drift somewhere else. When you realize it, concentrate again in just your breath coming in and out of your body. Accept any sound that might be surrounding you and also accept any emotions that you are feeling and slowly you will start to sense a tranquility within yourself. Do this regularly, it really helps.

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