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Fear of hot weather (branch of meteophobia). Aestophobia

Fear of thunder and lightning (branch of meteophobia). Astraphobia

Fear of cold weather (branch of meteophobia). Frigoriphobia

Fear of hail (branch of meteophobia & tempestaphobia). Grandophobia

Fear of humidity (branch of meteophobia). Humidophobia

Fear of weather. Meteophobia

Fear of fog or clouds (branch of meteophobia). Nebulophobia

Fear of freezing rain (branch of meteophoia & ombrophobia). Pluvifrigophobia

Fear of fair weather (branch of meteophobia). Serenophobia

Fear of storms (branch of meteophobia). Tempestaphobia

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March 3rd 2021


Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia is the fear of being locked in an enclosed place. Treatment of Cleithrophobia or CleisiophobiaFor many individual who are suffering from being locked in an enclosed place - Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia. Don't always feel the need of treatment because they can just avoid the object of their fear.