What do we mean by natural anxiety and how do you cope?

You wish it were as ‘kewl’ as emo angst, but it’s not. It’s not feigned world-weariness. For most people, there’s nothing poetic or philosophical about it. When we talk of anxiety, we usually associate it with stress. Indeed, anxiety often results from stress. You might be suffering from office-related concerns – your boss’s being unreasonable, in particular – and going to work the next day would be more difficult than the previous. You might feel tension too if you are about to deliver a speech in front of the big audience for the very first time. Or even have butterflies in your stomach and trembling knees at the moment you get almost hit by a speeding car. These emotional reactions that you often feel upon particular daily situations are what natural anxieties mean. Natural anxiety is now a modern day plague among the emotionally and psychologically occupied. It is then understood that anxiety is not at all difficult to cure since everyone has it. However, if this kind of anxiety is not given attention, this may develop into anxiety disorder, which is, the complex one. Anxiety treatment is sometimes tiresome, especially if you feel that going out for another therapy session is just a waste of time. Sessions with shrinks can also be quite costly. Coping with natural anxiety, however, if only given enough dedication is easier than those expensive treatments that oblige you to take sessions with a doctor who in turn, will ask professional fee in exchange of the services they offer you. In the first place, you alone develop anxieties in your mind, so why need someone to treat you? You can do it by yourself alone, even without the aid of these doctors.

So how do you do that?

First, determine if you suffer from stress. As has been said, stress is one and the most common cause of anxiety. Prolonged danger such as weakening body due to successive sleepless nights is an example. You should understand the symptoms of your stress. It is really better to dig into the root of your dilemma. If you find out stress in your system, change your lifestyle. How?

  • Develop a sense of humor. Life is too short; that’s a fact. However, you can make it happy though short-lived. Laughter is still the best medicine.
  • Make room for lifestyle changes. Engage in some recreational activities (sports, arts, hobbies) or spending more time with your family. Remember that an idle mind is vulnerable to unpleasant thoughts.
  • Try herbs and spa treatment. Some herbs are helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Spa treatment can be quite relaxing.
  • Seek spiritual relief. Atheists are bad gamblers, Blaise Pascal would argue. Believing in the Supreme Being is one way of keeping your life less worrisome.
  • Seek sensible help. No man is an island. Discuss your problem with someone: a friend or a shrink. Allow them to set sunnier episodes in your life.
  • Conquering stress and anxiety is not as difficult as escaping from a maximum-security prison.

Sometimes we simply put up imagined walls around us. It’s time you gave yourself a hug, reach for the sky, and feel alive! We are proud to be a Linden Method Partner. Charles Linden will show you that you can swiftly and permanently reverse the formation of panic attacks, OCD and Phobias. Well over 96% of Linden Method participants have become completely anxiety free…that’s not luck or chance!

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