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Fear of tortillas (branch of cibophobia). Tortillaphobia

Fear of cheese (branch of cibophobia). Turophobia

Fear of waffles (branch of cibophobia). Vaflaphobia

Fear of vanilla (branch of cibophobia). Vanillaphobia

Fear of blackberries (branch of cibophobia). Vatomourophobia

Fear of beef (branch of carnophobia & cibophobia). Vodinophobia

Fear of cookies (branch of cibophobia). Voutimaphobia

Fear of butter (branch of cibophobia). Voutyrophobia

Fear of waters. Waterphobia

Fear of chocolates (branch of cibophobia). Xocolataphobia

Fear of jelly (branch of cibophobia). Zelatiniphobia

Fear of pasta (branch of cibophobia). Zymarikaphobia

Fear of beer (branch of cibophobia & methyphobia). Zythophobia

Fear of anything sweet. Dulciphobia (fear of sweets (branch of cibophobia)), Suaviphobia

Fear of fajitas (branch of cibophobia). Fajitaphobia

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March 3rd 2021


Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia is the fear of being locked in an enclosed place. Treatment of Cleithrophobia or CleisiophobiaFor many individual who are suffering from being locked in an enclosed place - Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia. Don't always feel the need of treatment because they can just avoid the object of their fear.